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Fasting Instructions

Markham Chapel Prayer & Fasting Schedule 2018

Markham Chapel Prayer & Fasting schedule 2018

This year is significant for new beginnings and greater results when we listen to and obey God’s instructions.  Some of us have been doing things our way for so long until we believe they are right.  We know that there is a way that seems right to man but the end results in death.  There is a truth that we must face that God’s ways are higher than our ways and thoughts are above ours.  Make an effort to spend a little more time praying than last year to build your relationship with God up a little more.  There are some things waiting for you to arrive and be used to your advantage.  God is saying, “On Your Mark, Get Set, Flow.”  If you never begin, you don’t reach the finish line to receive all the things that are for you on the way.

          In order to make true impact in the kingdom, you must know who you are and what you possess.  You are a kingdom citizen and have full access to everything within it.  A theft has taken place and your identity has been compromised.  Your identification badge was taken by the enemy so without your id, there are some things you are unable to use and places you cannot gain access.  In this season, you must work diligent to clear and restore your name.  Otherwise, the enemy will use someone else to fraudulently step up and claim what is yours.   

In this year 2018, maturity is reached concerning spiritual as well as natural things.  Stop looking back over your shoulders to do things the way you did them previously.  God has developed us in many ways and we must use what we have been given to through inspiration of Holy Spirit.  Come out of hiding and the place of stagnancy to do what you were created to do.  Yes, you were created for a purpose and it must be fulfilled.  Stop listening to fear, procrastination, doubt and excuses.  Consider if you will examples God used like Nehemiah, Deborah, Sampson, Joshua, Esther, Solomon, and Daniel to name a few who positioned them in starting positions to do something that brought about outcomes of something different from situations they were in. 

Think about some meanings of flow and set yourself to do so.

1.     To move along in a stream.

2.     To circulate.

3.     To stream or well forth.

4.     To issue or proceed from a source.

5.     To proceed continuously and smoothly.

Opportunities have been presented that you may have passed up and more will come that you must be ready to take without hesitation.  Be confident in God for what He has done in you.  Whatever He calls you to, He has made you ready to do.

August 6-10, 2018 – Defeat the battle in your mind.

Sometimes we have a tendency to give up a battle before we arrive at the fight.  Thoughts roll around in our minds and we do not always stop what we are doing, pray and cast down those vain imaginations.  It can happen when we are awake engaged in daily activities or during sleep when we are vulnerable to invasion of our thoughts.  Challenge the thoughts that rise up this week when you know they are not from God.  Cast them down in Jesus name.  During this week detox your spirit and mind as well as your body.


In the natural our body detoxifies itself as our liver and kidney flush many toxins our body absorbs through what we ingest or inhale.  Food cannot detoxify our bodies but eating healthy foods can help our liver and kidneys do a better job.  Toxins that pollute our bodies are pesticides on your produce, pollutants in the air, unpronounceable ingredients in processed food, or heavy metals like mercury and arsenic in the soil, to name just a few.  Also some foods like gluten, dairy, and refined sugar are toxic if not consumed in moderation.  If this is the case with what goes into our physical bodies to cause harm, what do you think happens when we feed our spirit toxins such as impure and unclean information, diluted word that the enemy can snatch easily or feelings of hate or unforgiveness.  There is a difference between detoxing and cleansing.  Cleanses eliminate junk and replaces it with nutrient-rich foods for your body to perform the detox process.  Detox eliminates junk but requires you to have a more restrictive way of eating.  What does that mean for us spiritually?  Eliminate things from our diet and replace it with what is better for our spirit to do all that it is capable of doing meaning we have to accept Jesus for the cleanse and not all these worldly things.  Doing a detox means not only do we accept Jesus but we have to be more selective about what we do from day to day to live right.


This week commit to a fast before the Lord to eliminate some meals and increase reading the word, prayer time and water consumption.  Refrain from all raw sugar, raw salt, caffeine, sodas, coffee and tea.  Refrain from social media and entertainment if it is not bringing glory to God with the contents posted by you or others.  Much of the battle in our minds come from things we hear or see that promote war in our minds and spirit.  In order to be a winner one must train with discipline.  Invest in the victory God said was for you by having a strict physical and spiritual diet this week.  We know what things are not good for us.  Stop making assumptions about things that are not factual.  Journal your diet this week and the victories that come during this week in your clarity to think as well as physical victories in your body feeling and performing better this week. 


Read the following scripture references this week and think on what God is speaking in text as it may relate to your life right now.  Study up on areas you are trying to improve in your life.

Monday – 1 Chronicles 28 – God wanted a Temple built but it was not for David to complete but his son, Solomon.  Don’t give in to defeat when the enemy comes against your mind.  Listen to the full set of instructions for what God is doing through you like in this passage.

Tuesday – Nehemiah 4 – Not only will the enemy speak to our mind but he will work through others to verbalize thoughts we have cast down.  No matter who or what comes to stop you from carrying out the plans God has already set, keep doing the work at hand.  God will anoint us with ease if we ask and yield to Holy Spirit rising.

Wednesday – Isaiah 26 – Make a decision about the things you will entertain in your thoughts because we have power to cast down vain imaginations.  Stop allowing impure and unclean thoughts take space in your mind.  If you keep your mind on God, he will give you peace. 

Thursday – Romans 8 - Think above carnal things and think on spiritual things.  Victory already belongs to us but we don’t arrive there until we make a decision to agree and align our entire being with God. 

Friday – Colossians 1 – Stand in good standing before the Lord in all the things we do.  What we think about eventually will come out in the way we live.  Feast on the word of God to shape what rests in our minds.


Blessings, peace, favor and love.

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