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                   Noonday Inspiration


We are proud to introduce to our Seniors Bible Study held at 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm each Wednesday.  All seniors and members who cannot attend Wednesday night services for various reasons are invited to attend. We will have prayer, teachings from the bible, singing and good fellowship.  Lunch is served at 11:30 am.  Please see one of the deacons or trustees if you need transportation.




Teachers: Pastor McMillan  & Associate Ministers


Bible Study”

Thanks be unto our God for a new year!  With a new year comes new vision and new ideas.
I'm asking God for growth and increase this year.  Let's begin by growing together in His Holy Word.  I encourage all of you to attend all opportunities to grow in the Word this year.  This would include our Sunday School Classes as well as the Bible Studies held on Wednesdays.

Join pastor and our associate ministers on an anointed teaching series.  We will be studying each Wednesday. Bible Study begins at 7:00 pm. 

 Each week and month our schedule as well as topics and teachers will be in our program.  Put this on your calendar and plan to attend one or both of the services.  

I pray you will come out and grow in God’s precious Word. 


1.  What do the words alpha and omega mean?

2. Which church in revelation was neither hot nor cold, but luke warm?

3. How many times is peace in the bible? 

4. Who was  John Mark?

5. What animal crowed before Peter denied Christ?

6. Name the nine gifts of the Spirit?

7. Fill in the blank: Be ye _________ immoveable always abounding in 

    the work of the _______________________.

8. Then was led Jesus of the ____________ to be tempted of the devil.

9.  How many gates are there in the new Jerusalem?

10.  Name the creatures in heaven that cry holy, holy to God and never 


11.  Who was shown to John on the Island called Patmos?

12.  Name the 3 Hebrew boys that were cast into a fiery furnace.

13.  What woman convinced her husband to build a little room on the

       side of their house for the prophet Elijah?

14.  Finish this sentence:  And even He saw their _______________.

       He said to the palsy rise, take up your bed and walk.

Study Hard....... Remember to show where you found the answer