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Winning Souls for Christ




The Miracle Baptism

On the first Sunday, December 1, a baptism ceremony was performed at Markham Chapel Missionary Baptist Church located at 3630 Old Chapel Hill Road in Durham, NC, where the senior pastor is the Reverend Dr. Richard S. McMillan, Sr.  The associate minister leading the baptism, Reverend Dr. Eddie Robinson, splashed water upon the child entering the pool to ensure her body had adapted to the water’s temperature.

The child’s mother photographed the ceremony. However, upon returning home, she noticed an image on the child’s garment that was unnoticeable during the service. When the mother contacted the church to inquire if there was a picture near the pool that might have caused a reflection on her child’s white clothing, she was told that there is no portrait near the pool. As you can see, there is a figure that appears on the little girl’s garment. Could this be a divine visitation miracle?


Humbly Sumbitted,

Pastor Reverend Dr. Eddie Robinson, Associate Minister